Submission of full paper is now open!

Please submit your full paper through the following link:

Please use the same Easychair account as you used for abstract submission.
The full paper should be submitted both in a PDF format AND in source file format. Please read the following instruction carefully.

Instruction for full paper submission

1)  Deadline

The deadline of full paper submission is February 28, 2018. –>>  March 16, 2018.

2) Format

Please use the Elsevier format in preparing your manuscript. The format is available from the link below both in Word and LaTex. Please select the suitable one.
– Word: TRPRO-ISTS18_IWTDCS18_Word_Template
– LaTex: TRPRO-ISTS18_IWTDCS18_TeX_Template

The accepted full paper will be published in Transportation Research Procedia (TRPRO).
If you do NOT wish your manuscript published in the TRPRO, please contact us via the form or email (ists2018[at] please replace “[at]” with “@”.

3) Minimum and Maximum length of the full paper

The minimum number of pages of the full paper is 3 pages, and the maximum is 8 pages.

4) How to submit

4-1) Login to the Easychair submission page, select your role “author“, then you will be directed to the page “My Submissions for ISTS & IWTDCS 2018”. Please click “Submission #” as indicated in the screenshot below (# is your submission number).

4-2) In your Submission page, please click “Add or update files” to submit the full paper. You can also update the paper title/keywords in “Update information” and the authors in “Update authors”.

4-3) In “Update files” page, please follow the instruction in the table and upload both the PDF file (*.pdf) and the source file (*.zip) of your full paper.

For any inquiries, please contact us via the form or email (ists2018[at]