These two events will bring together leading engineers and scientists in the transport simulation and traffic data collection fields worldwide.
Topics are divided into 4 pillars likely to be covered in this event. The 4 pillars are the following:


1. Data Collection & Smart Processing

  • Innovative data Collection and data processing
  • Data quality metrics and quality assurance
  • Big Data and Open Data initiatives
  • Real-time information & prediction
  • Traffic State Estimation and Data Fusion

2. Transport Modelling, Simulation and Management

  • Traffic flow theory and operations
  • Methodological issues in all modes of transport simulation
  • Calibration and Validation of Traffic and Transport models or Simulators
  • Advances in transport simulation modeling and applications
  • Dynamic OD Matrix estimation
  • Public transportation
  • Traffic Safety
  • Environmental impacts of transportation systems

3. Multimodal Transportation Systems

  • Urban network modeling and monitoring
  • Pedestrian modelling and simulation
  • Railway Traffic Simulation and Control
  • Robustness and resilience in transport system
  • Urban logistics / Freight Transportation

4. Transport operation and management in the era of autonomous/connected vehicles

  • Cooperative transport systems
  • New transport and mobility concepts and services
  • Automation in transport systems
  • Electro mobility
  • MaaS (Mobility as a Service)
  • Shared mobility