Conference Excursion

Conference excursion will take place on Sunday 5 August. Two different type of tours are available for this excursion. For both tours, the bus will pick us up at conference venue (Ehime University) and take us to Shimanami Kaido Highway at around noon. We will enjoy tour program and conference dinner there. This conference excursion is included in the registration fee. All participants (including accompanying guests) are invited to attend the conference excursion.


Tour1 (Cycling tour)

Program and Instruction for Cycling tour

Guide for Shimanami

Shimanami Kaido Highway joining Imabari in Ehime Prefecture and Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture is about 60 km long. Ten bridges link a string of islands across the Seto Inland Sea between Honshū and Shikoku island. Besides enjoying the scenic beauty of the Inland Sea, you can experience a great deal of history and culture. There is also cycle path in Shimanami Kaido. This is one of the best cycling routes in Japan, and it attracts visitors from all over the world. The Kurushima Straits Bridge is the first bridge on the Ehime Prefecture side. About 4 km long, it’s the world’s first three-span suspension bridge. From the bridge you can see the tidal current beneath you and many jewel-like islands. This tour consists of cycling around Kurushima Straits Bridge (about 10 km).



Tour2 (Bus and boat tour)

Guide for Okunoshima

Kirosan Observatory Park

Kirosan observatory park is located at the top of Mt. Kiro at the southernmost point of Oshima Island. The view from here is known as the most spectacular on the Shimanami Kaido Highway. On fine days the view extends as far as Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest mountain in western Japan.


Kurushima strait boat ride

This boat ride provides views of the Kurushima Strait Bridge (the world’s first triple suspension bridge), the shipyards of Imabari (Japan’s biggest maritime city), and islands once governed by the Murakami Suigun.




Conference Dinner (Tour1 and Tour2)

Conference dinner will take place at Wangfujing – Chinese style restaurant in Imabari Towel Museum. There will be a drinks reception on arrival, followed by a delicious course meal.




 Accompanying Guest Program

Accompanying Guest Program will take place on Saturday 4 August. For this tours, a bus will pick us up at conference venue (Ehime University) and take us to Tobe city.  We will enjoy tour program.

Tobe Ceramics Craft Center

Tobeyaki’ is the name for the ceramics produced in the town of Tobe. It boasts a history going back about 230 years, and it’s designated a national traditional craft and a prefectural intangible cultural property. It features pale indigo patterns on a pure white ground, and rather thick, unaffected shapes. The Tobe Ceramics Craft Center offers an incredible range of pottery available for purchase as well as hands-on classes and pottery exhibitions. We will find over 30,000 works from 32 local potteries for display, join the pottery classes and try our hand at painting.



Scenic train (Iyonadamonogatari)

We enjoy delicious meals we can only get in Ehime prefecture while admiring the Iyonada ocean view up close from a train window. The kind service of the attendants inside the retro-modern interior will help us kick back and relax. Let’s experience hospitality that will be a vignette of a wonderful trip inside the out-of-the-ordinary space of a scenic train.