Welcome Reception

Friday, August 3, 5:00 pm -8:00 pm
ISTS and IWTDCS Committee welcome you to the ISTS and IWTDCS 2018. All ISTS and IWTDCS 2018 participants are invited to join the welcome reception. The welcome reception will be held at Alumni Hall, Ehime University. The location of Ehime University is HERE and please refer to the map below for the location of the reception hall in Ehime University.

About the Conference

ISTS and IWTDCS 2018 aim to discuss about the analysis and the technologies on transportation field, especially on traffic simulations and data collections. The world’s transportation and traffic researchers and practitioners, as well as people who are interested in contributing to or gaining a deeper understanding of the transportation analysis are expected to join this conference. During the three-day conference, plenary sessions featuring high level speakers and interactive presentation sessions will take place at Ehime University, which is located in Matsuyama, Japan. The participants will have the opportunity to acquire both academic and practical innovative knowledge, and exchange their research results and operational experiences. This event focuses on scientific challenges in new theoretical development in the transport fields as well as the emerging technologies in data collection and smart processing tools for dealing with big data.

2002 Yokohama, Japan (1st ISTS)
Ryuichi Kitamura, Late professor, Kyoto University
Masao Kuwahara, Professor, The University of Tokyo
2006 EPFL, Switzerland (2nd ISTS)
Edward Chung, Professor, Queensland University of Technology
2008 Gold Coast, Australia (3rd ISTS)
Majid Sarvi, Professor, University of Melbourne
2008 Bercelona, Spain (1st IWTDCS)
Jaume Barcelo, Professor, Technical University of Catalonia
Masao Kuwahara, Professor, The University of Tokyo
2011 QUT, Australia (2nd IWTDCS)
Edward Chung, Professor, Queensland University of Technology
2014 Corsica, France (4th ISTS + 3rd IWTDCS)
Nour-Eddin El Faouzi, Professor, ENTPE; Head of LICIT, IFSTTAR
2016 Jeju, Korea (5th ISTS + 4th IWTDCS)
Seungjae Lee, Professor, University of Seoul
2018 Ehime, Japan (6th ISTS + 5th IWTDCS)